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Seven strategies media advertising competition

Newspapers as a media enterprise management practice and institutions, need to move the market. Nowadays more than 2000 national newspaper competition in the market already white-hot level. The newspaper based in this competition, the key lies in the effect of advertising, because the press is to be able to rely on advertising to survive. Here we have excellent newspaper business, for example, in its advertising for the effective point of competitive strategy.

First, create a competitive advantage to build the core.

Newspaper advertising, based on the content of the newspaper business as the prerequisite. According to media management theories, the newspaper business was sold to newspaper readers first, and then sold to advertisers, readers, meaning that in which there is a "second sale." Clearly, advertisers are interested in the newspaper readers, the key is to look at the size of the number of readers, and whether consumers in line with the product. In this regard, the paper should be efforts to build its advertising business core competence, superiority, advertisers will naturally after another. For example, "Yanzhao Dushi Bao" newspaper in Hebei Province-level class urban life, the newspaper positioned itself to develop the province just to adapt to the business needs of the market. It is based on the provincial capital, but also for the launch issue of the province. Use of self-managed distribution channels and Strategies of Postal 2, "Yanzhao Dushi Bao" 11 cities in the province established a fine distribution network, distribution network throughout the province over the county-level cities, urban areas in the issue of content achieves or than the local evening paper circulation, the total issued in the province more than any media company in the province. "Yanzhao Dushi Bao" The emergence of integrated cities in Hebei Province readers tribes, so that a piece of newspaper coverage Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin and all urban communities, which no one local newspaper failed to do. Businesses to invest in a newspaper ad, you can get a return in 13 cities. This is the "Yanzhao Metropolis Daily" unique, non-replication of core competencies, it is quite favored by advertisers, advertising turnover among the highest in the province.

Second, the interests of seeking close integration with the reader.

Advertising is not only the advertiser's "advertised", but also an important source of information for the reader. Therefore, not only the establishment of various feature pages of the newspaper ads, you can also set the timely availability of information, information, services, advertising is equal to a range of special issue, resulting in between advertisers and readers to build an information exchange platform in order to achieve interaction between the three and win. For example, in "the eleventh Hangzhou Real Estate Fair" and four real estate fairs and "Chinese tourism landscape of residential real estate seminar," The launch of the three real estate forum, the "Evening News" on Nov. 14, 2001 special issue in the form of a separate set of real estate information released, consulting and advertising in one of the "Hangzhou Broche New Disk Collection", the journal not only through various charts in the form of "new plate Yellow Pages," "boutique real estate comments" section, etc. described in more detail in the new real estate developers, real estate location, building type, size, price and delivery time, etc., but also careful analysis of the different blocks of the environmental and traffic conditions, housing prices in recent years the trend in Hangzhou and Hangzhou property market development trends. Advertising on this column, because of its potential audience is consumers, advertisers, particularly bullish.

Third, different prices to attract advertisers.

Newspaper advertising, the key is to attract advertisers to serve ads. However, advertisers are smart, and he had to look at newspaper advertising space is "value for money", before deciding whether or not running. The newspapers, the value of their advertising for products, the time difference caused by different factors, it needs to implement a flexible pricing mechanism, according to market time to adjust. Can even take bids to let the customers decide on their own page price. Such as "boutique shopping guide", since 1999 the special agent in the field of classified advertising different prices in different sectors to implement the pricing strategy of social investment amount based on industry advertising, industry profit margins, industry size, industry ad in the paper into the situation, the implementation of sales strategies at different prices. The strategy adopted for the promotion of the newspaper advertising revenue has played a role can not be underestimated. Wenhui Xinmin Press Group is another way to break through the traditional newspaper advertising business model, reference securities, futures trading model is built the first large-scale national advertising market - Shanghai New Century Advertising Trade Center. This auction ad by trading not only to promote transparency in the advertising business, market, and the media timely price adjustment policies and business strategies to achieve rational allocation of advertising resources.

Fourth, access to newspapers, regional distribution strengths.

Newspapers are generally low-cost sales, light can not be profitable to rely on circulation, and sometimes even more thanks to the bigger issue, showing that newspapers should pay attention to advertising returns. In order to improve the return on newspaper advertisements published in the issue of strategy and marketing strategy, the key is to adjust the distribution structure of regional distribution, focusing on a central city to increase newspaper circulation in order to obtain a newspaper in the central city area distribution advantage. "Beijing Youth Daily" has a strong impact of the pursuit of the national newspaper, made before 1996 space strategy is "based in Beijing, the whole country, the world", and through satellite transmission version of the form active in major cities nationwide to open sub- Indian Point, and local newspapers vying for market share, advertising effectiveness, but does not see good. From the end of 1996, the newspaper change its strategy, giving up a national issue and inter-regional competition, that "stick to Beijing" strategy, to withdraw outside of the offensive in Beijing. Press the development of breakthrough results, ad volume over 100 million yuan in successive years. It is said that the United States, almost no national newspaper, with "New York Daily News" newspaper that is influential in New York City as a distribution center. American newspapers such business strategy and we should learn from.

5, fixed on a spending power of readers.

Readers level of consumption to a large extent determines the purchasing power of goods, in some cases the number of readers, the higher the consumption level of the reader, the greater the purchasing power of the reader, the greater the appeal of advertising. In recent years, finance and economics, political content, is Selling Well fashion journals, such as "financial", "Business", "South Wind", "Life Week," "Shanghai Fashion", "Ruili", "fashion" and so on , although the higher price of these journals are generally more than the 10 yuan, but little circulation, but its specific audience attractive to advertisers had, therefore, compared with ads full. Another example is the two financial newspapers, "dark horse", Guangdong's "21st Century Business Herald", and Shandong, "the Economic Observer reported," Although the volume of distribution is not very high, because the two objectives of the newspaper readers are the modern business elite, their consumption levels are different, and is 100 percent of the retail market, so for advertisers

Promising, some of the world and the country's well-known brand advertising in the two newspapers have "settled", in the amount of advertising in more than 10 million yuan, and soon entered a virtuous circle.

6, with the news planning to increase the advertising value.

An advertising value of the size of the major social impact as it may be. After advertising audience attention if he became the focus of discussion audiences, its social influence is naturally greater. Can make use of information in this regard to increase the advertising value of planning. Because the news reported on planning issues prior to planning, easy to form a hot spot, causing the audience's attention. For example, October 13, 2001, "Evening News" and on the intellectual health of Hainan Yangshengtang to 3 version of the space together launched the "intellectual elite health care" topics. Upon release of the report, not only resonates in the local readers, but also in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places in the media also caused a strong reaction. After the paper has not only invited the community to participate in the workshop, but also online through the intelligence network and Zhejiang interaction, graphics and live video with the way the Internet users had a two-way interaction with the heated discussions, short 2 hours, "deeply concerned about the BBS" in the discussion of information published more than 200. "Evening," the planning, not only shaped the minds of readers the newspaper's own image, but also to enhance and strengthen the Yangshengtang the "people's livelihood" of the brand image, its advertising value is simply far-fetched print ads , newspaper lucrative.

7, for consumers to re-locate to the newspaper.

If the value of newspaper readers by advertising and not be too few advertisers optimistic, it would have to find ways to re-position papers, newspaper readers will soon locate in the range of products among potential consumers to gain the attention of advertisers. For example, the "Shanghai Business Daily" was originally Shishang Wei's official newspaper, basically at public expense subscription amount of just over 10,000 copies of issue, as readers of organic form has lower cadres are Shanghai Shi Shangwei system workers, coupled with small circulation newspapers, it is difficult to attract advertising, newspaper advertising is often with not eating at Dayton, is difficult. Newspapers changed hands, the Shanghai Century Publishing Group to plan a new idea, the "Shanghai Business Daily" from the original host of the organ of the Shanghai Shi Shangwei to the mass consumer market-oriented newspaper, readers from the past for business of staff and workers, mainly at public expense subscribe, change for the urban consumer, market-oriented retail. After further into the main newspaper for the business community, and in accordance with the needs of the business community, strengthen the planning, constantly updated, refresh page, add the "white-collar Weekly", "color after a week", "Life Magazine" and other special issue, of circulation of 1 million from the original to 5 million, the current circulation steady at around 80,000 copies, the newspaper became one of the retail market, a popular newspaper. Advertising volume rose sharply on advertising amounted to more than 2000 million, became the Shanghai Century Publishing Group, the new economic growth point.

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Jiang Qiping Family Laboratory of Beijing University speech sounded "New Life Movement" horn

IT will be well-known critic Jiang Qiping May 23 speech at Peking University, on behalf of the family Laboratory ( Open, "New Life Movement, 100 College Tour talk" off!

"New Life Movement" launched by the family of a Laboratory Digital Age lifestyle ideological revolution, the family lab in North sown the seeds of thought, and universities throughout the country, 100 to fire spread.

Currently, 10 billion people online worldwide, with 100 million people are by the number of changes in their lives. In China, there are 200 million Internet users is to practice the digital lifestyle. Began to rise, and will be a difference with the existing social formation of new life.

Family laboratory that to life as the center of the economy, will become the main form of economy. Its main feature is a people-oriented, individual emancipation, knowledge sharing, and coordination. This indicates that human social and economic life, will occur following the industrialization of the largest since a transformation. Clear to mankind another new historical mission: "to create a new generation of Internet lifestyle."

Jiang Qiping: China is undergoing a new revolution!

Family laboratory found that 72% of those surveyed believe that the home office will be popular in ten years. 80 90, especially after 18 years of age or no income (college students), and 30 years of age to work soon, income below 3,000 yuan in low-income people, will become the largest IT consumer groups. Who are they, who will be the next generation of IT in the world!

In the new way of life, real people, living in people who have a life, is the machinery, organization, and the starting point and purpose of the system end. For the production of mirror-reflection light of life, so that the means of production reverted to the production end, so that production activities reflect the purpose of life, this is the mission of the family lab. "New Life Movement" launched by the family of a Laboratory Digital Age lifestyle ideological revolution.

Jiang Qiping, family Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center, General Information, IT-known critic, "Internet Weekly" editor in chief.

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Dell net profit of 502 million U.S. dollars in the second quarter fell 51 percent year on year

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Who will replace the Yang?

Earnings fell in the face of huge profits and "Lenovo is also surprising in terms of the Board", "group executive power is not enough" explanation, Lenovo seems to a "historic" node. Who regain their weakness, how ZTE Lenovo? Who righting Lenovo International, nationalization of the road, how to associate people to restore confidence in recycling association of entrepreneurial culture? Yang, or - who replaced Yang? History will continue to prove "people-oriented, all depend on people" rule.

Early in November, Lenovo released semi-annual report fiscal year 2008 to 2009, data show that close by the end of September 2008, second quarter net income was 23.44 million U.S. dollars, 105.3 million U.S. dollars a year earlier, down 77.7%; As of the end of September 6 months, net profit of 134 million U.S. dollars, compared with 2007, the 172 million U.S. dollars over the same period fell 22.2%. In this connection, Lenovo Group Chairman Yang said: "the impact of the global economic downturn, coupled with the implementation of its strategy not in place, Lenovo last quarter results below expectations. In this regard, the Group operating structure will be optimized to improve efficiency , reduce costs, improve execution, and rapid development of emerging markets and consumer markets business. "and lamented" IT industry harsh winter has just begun. "

Excluding the impact of the global economic situation, a description of the Yang, the "executive power" as the main reason for poor performance of the present association and its "unexpected" illustrates the decision-making vision reality inconsistent with the execution. However, Lenovo has become the core of culture, motivate employees, "the 5% wanted to become a 100% success" of the "executive power" has become now think why the "weakness"? Have the experience of many death-related associations such In the international rough road in the case?

Chinese brand as important in a fiscal year quarter profit fell sharply, in fact, this performance is not the most terrible, but to think of people's confidence in the current state of the displayed, inevitably lead to speculation that the industry: Lenovo will not take for Shuai - the most decisive and positive and significant steps to restore the outside world and the confidence of employees of the association?

Internal performance in the world or other serious things difficult for the majority, and we certainly hope that Yang will be exceptions, but if not exceptional, what the possible? If Yang can not continue to bring confidence to the association, former associate of the "Fab Five will be "in, who can take over the association banner? Lenovo's founder and core Liu in turn, in what state of mind or how to face the challenges?

Guo Wei then current Chairman of the Board and CEO of Digital China

As the original and the Yang, "competition" Liu successors "focus" opponents, Guo Wei in Lenovo's growth history is unique: he had changed his 11 years in 13 positions, and more to come by. 28-year-old assistant president of Lenovo Group, the promotion, early into his management, the outside, rounded character, good with people. It has been concluded, Yang and Guo Wei, Liu's temperament was very true biography, "One is the management, one is political." In 2000 almost to solve the "mountain can not accommodate two tigers" in the association business spin-off taken, it was understood as "one network or another network." Today, the Yang to the international expansion of the "network" in very difficult and whether such year as Guo Wei, Digital China out of the existing "network" to find out Lenovo's life?

Main deeds: 1990 Sun Hongbin incident, a critical period in the integration of Lenovo's 18 branches, 1994 Industrial Park, Daya Bay, south integration projects, Guo Wei has a number of life and death in the association to act as "blocking eye-catching," fire-fighting role of soldiers. After the separation from Lenovo, Digital China Guo Wei advocacy services to transition to lead the Chinese IT market, one of the largest business groups - channel business development. Driven by the strong Guo Wei, Digital China IT Services transformation campaign has achieved results and the gradual Digital software and services industry in China made some dominance.

Last month, Digital China has just released fiscal year 2008 to 2009 interim results report, Digital grow fast. To 2008, Guo Wei has achieved its 200-billion turnover target, but its high-margin IT services is still relatively small proportion of total revenue, Guo Wei, and God code on the road in the IT transformation remains to be done. In addition, its annual work hard in the domestic market, lack of international business experience, lack of "A Good management skills," Guo Wei became the technical basis of the short board.

VC Legend Capital Managing Director Zhu Linan incumbent, President

And Yang, Guo Wei from the beginning to now think through different, Zhu Linan enrich the role of transformation: Engineers - Company executives - the entrepreneur - venture capitalist. 15 years ago had their own business over a period of Zhu Linan Liu in a telephone recall by association: "the self-employed can earn some money can be a stage too small, if things continue this meaningless, think back to it." Frequently appears Zhu Linan Liu special care no Yang, Guo share of hills unexpected, like a box of lubricants, condensate mixture. Outside of their evaluation is cool, calm, gentle work style than Yang, Guo Wei tough than that. "Only Zhu Linan to balance good relations between Yang and Guo Wei." Insider view. Off the ground then think "separation" of the coordination, integration, currently vice president of Legend Holdings Zhu Linan is considered to Lenovo, "the third Young Marshal."

Main deeds: who co-founded Joyo, 75 million U.S. dollars to sell e-commerce giant Amazon, up to 13 times return on investment; 3 million U.S. dollars investment in the telecommunications group, listed in Hong Kong after an average of 7 times earnings, Shenzhen hearing days within one year of Japanese listed companies were sold to Index, nearly 4 times the rate of return. Zhu Linan in the IT industry nearly two decades of business experience and extensive network of contacts; in corporate business development, investment management, finance, human resources, information technology has extensive construction management experience. I think that makes the enterprise even though he voted with the wind than he was "more suitable for investment", but compared to Yang, Guo Wei, Zhu Linan has investment from the venture to the full experience, from a wide range of enterprise IT to the Internet perspective, this is probably his advantage.

Teacher Chen Guodong current president of Raycom

Main deeds: Lenovo's growth trajectory for each Young Marshal seems the tree, so melon. Chen Guodong is now engaged in the real estate sector also benefited from the current construction of factories in the association to develop the industrial park's life experiences in Daya Bay. In 2001, the Chinese Academy of restructuring, Lenovo holding company required to 8 hectares in the area of the computer into a modern science and technology park. Lenovo Holdings expects to expand products and investment. As a result, Lenovo has been building businesses in the Chen Guodong plant was "pushed" into the real estate cycle. Become a veritable "think real estate Young Marshal." And Yang, Guo Wei, Zhu Linan's "association for the elderly," the experience is different from the teacher turned businessman Chen Guodong by a unique "live", real estate management association to open up territory, but from the association's core business, he and John Zhao Huan still not touched.

Ling-Huan Ren Hongyi new investment is president, Lenovo Mobile Chairman of the Board

Into the association as less than 6 years Ling-Huan, compared with the previous four, is truly "new" and "new", it is called also from the perspective of its extensive overseas experience. Short time because access to Lenovo, Liu told the returnees often new to "the association when the lifeline."

Main story: Before adding Hony Capital, Chiu Ling Huan has served as U.S. data communications company US Robotics Inc. Vice President and General Manager and U.S. telephone conference equipment manufacturer Shure Brothers, Inc.'s Core leadership. In addition, Ling-Huan also served as managing director of venture capital firms eGarden, Infolio, Inc. And Vadem Ltd. The chairman and CEO and other senior management positions in several enterprises. With international business experience Ling-Huan, who have make plans association international strategy, however, Lenovo's international predicament faced today, he might think to reconsider the new strategy.

Yang still

Time rewind 8 years, in association pledging fiscal 2000 conference, Liu will be the official banner of dark blue Lenovo awarded to Yang, along with the association to create the first generation of the legendary director is the official curtain call: the young Yang embarked on a Lenovo stage of history was the media as the "Yang-led management has been accepted by the market, Lenovo has begun to truly enter the 'post-Liu' era."

Time to fall back to 4 years, first half of 2004, Lenovo's strategy to face layoffs of frustration, Yang Liu to the public on the maximum support. Yang said he had three things: First, the development of the company's goal, had to rush forward. Second, we should take good care of employees, those employees laid off from within the strategic heart sorry that rehousing. Third, strategic mistakes to reflect, but not stagnant.

Today, only 44-year-old Yang may well seem a bit lonely: from domestic and foreign competition from companies up and down all the time there is no pressure, more importantly, how to adjust to face even the re-planning association international strategy to address halfway discomfort and poor execution of the question. This is Yang's problem is Lenovo's problem.

Helmsman Liu

Kite flying further away, also still holding thread, in order to maintain direction. Liu is the association's "line." The greater part of his efforts have contributed to Lenovo's business thinkers, at the moment seems to lend a helping hand in the lobby and gave assurance role.

Chinese entrepreneurs, the success of the road, often not only to experience the challenges of the commercial market, but also through interpersonal relationships, different interests, temper, and baptism. Liu, who appears in several of the Young Marshal that the company's superior and senior, helping his career is full of the helmsman, now, he will also face the serious thinking for Lenovo.

How to weigh the moral and just, how both "hold people" can "grasp the pulse of the market", both the prestige of another company's specific business development and have a transparent understanding of reality, which is Lenovo's contradictions, but also all the Chinese important proposition of large enterprises.


Perhaps, in addition to the Fab Five will be the first tier, there are outside their subordinates Marshal: Chen Shaopeng, Lin Yang, Li Lan ... ...

Lenovo does not lack talent.

However, the root of the problem is that coaching change how the meaning of the association?

In China, business leaders often become the most important one of the symbols. But too much emphasis on leadership style and ignore the construction of the company's core competitiveness, the consequences are extremely dangerous - often caused by the change leaders of the direction of company performance and even the big change.

Easily spend hundreds of thousands to oath-taking rally, New Year's party of magnitude are thousand - from the appointment, removal to the corporate culture, full of human atmosphere makes Lenovo Lenovo difficulties as long as the central figure in the call will be able to pull together through thick and thin, but This excessive focus on "corporate culture" building "emotional" and "passion" and also to think lost the most of international large enterprises should have normal, stable and institutionalized.

The reason for the lack of core competence is probably the real problem facing the association. Competitiveness is not hard, and then the culture is strong illusion, so that more people live far from the real one. Moreover, this culture is so obvious and desperate hopes several Young Marshal, not the concept of silent lubricant penetration.

China's reform and opening up in the macro-situation, the association is led by Liu or Liu entrepreneurial venture team material product rose in line with the people of the Lenovo Lenovo business and cultural expectations. At the same time, Lenovo is the united association of people with a spirit of solidarity created by the rise of the Lenovo product line with the market's recognition of Lenovo products more content.

Although Lenovo's business market are worried about underlying problems, such as: While the world's fourth-largest PC maker, Lenovo's international whether they are merely have their table, in the management, operation models the availability of "international chain" of genes and temperament ; It has been commented: "The Legend of challenges in the international performance of a pass, conditional to move forward." The only failure was not enough, Lenovo needs best. The market seems to be more expected, Lenovo to recycling enterprise culture and vision, including Lenovo partners, employees, including all the way to restore the confidence of the association, Liu did not give up the Lenovo brand, founder of the ideal of thought and action.

Lenovo is China's wealth, not only material but also the spirit, and we look forward to a long-term sustainable development, a great association.

Guo Wei

Born in 1963, aged 45.

Hebei Qinhuangdao people.

In 1985 graduated from the Department of Management Engineering, Northeastern University, a bachelor's degree.

In 1988 graduated from the Graduate School of China University of Technology (Beijing), Master Degree in Management and candidates in the same year to Lenovo, Lenovo Group as Public Relations Manager.

In 1991, only 28-year-old Guo Wei was promoted to assistant president of Lenovo Group, Lenovo became the youngest president of chamber members.

In 2000, Lenovo Group spin-off, the following year in February, as the Legend Digital China Guo Wei, Chief Executive Officer.

December 2007, served as chairman of Digital China.

April 1, 2008, Guo Wei leaving the post of president of Digital China, the years of the old men take over Lin Yang, Guo Wei was named CEO and Chairman of the Board to continue to serve God code.

Zhu Linan

Born in Fuzhou in 1962, aged 46, grew up in force.

In 1987, Master of Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University graduate. Now enjoy special government allowances of experts.

In 2001, Lenovo Group split, as president of Legend Capital.

Joined Lenovo in 1989, served as associate general manager of Shenzhen, the group general manager of business development functions.

1993 to 1997, during their own business to run, "New Legend" companies, engaged in system integration and software development business.

September 1, 1997, Zhu Linan back to Lenovo's headquarters, all the way from the business development vice president, general manager of associate director of planning to do, Deputy Director, then Assistant to President, Vice President, Senior Vice President, and finally to become executive Committee members.

In 2001, Zhu Linan founded and served as president of Legend Capital, Managing Director, Investment Policy Committee is responsible for the company's overall strategy to develop and lead a team to implement the established strategies, responsible for overall management of the company.

Chiu Ling Huan

In 1984, graduated from the Physics Department of Nanjing University, the United States before the study, served as director of Jiangsu radio factory workshop and factory director and other staff.

In 1987, the United States to study, has been the University of North Illinois Master of Electronic Engineering and Physics master's degree at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business Administration degree.

Second half of 2001, in recommending Ms Mary Ma, the meeting with Liu, and part-time as Lenovo's "strategic adviser."

January 2003, joined the Legend Holdings Limited. Legend Holdings was formed subsidiary specializing in equity investments and investment management services subsidiary of Hong-yi.

In 2006, Ling-Huan was appointed advisory professor of Nanjing University Business School.

In 2007, Yih-invested enterprises was 40.4 billion yuan total assets, total sales of 51.6 billion yuan, total profit and tax of 43 billion yuan.

Chen Guodong

In 1987 graduated from the China University of Technology Management.

Renmin University of China in 1990, graduated Master of Economics and Management, Renmin University of China later taught for four years.

In 1994, Chen Guodong resigned from the people of university faculty, joining Lenovo, Lenovo is responsible for the initial production base in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, the construction, then, served the cause of development of industrial associations (Daya Bay) Ltd., vice president of Lenovo Group, Legend Capital, Managing Vice President.

In 2000, the association split, Chen Guodong remain Legend Holdings.

In 2001, Raycom company.

In 2002, Raycom Raycom built Information Centre, Block A formal occupation, two years later, Raycom InfoTech as a model in Zhongguancun international Grade A office space.

In 2003, Lenovo Holdings president room to pass a resolution a huge real estate profits Legend Holdings has finally become a main theme of future development, Chen Guodong command expedition.

The end of 2003, Raycom get in Chongqing and Wuhan, a piece of the residential land, to achieve the early development of the relevant objectives achieved Raycom major breakthrough in residential projects.

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Comments: Haier bid for Maytag out of mountains and rivers to be epigenetic re-

This topic is not accurate or appropriate? I was somewhat hesitant. Haier bid for Maytag in all the worries and concerns when the draw is now finally a full stop of the. Mattel announced that Haier and its partners and the Blackstone Group has withdrawn BainCapital on Maytag bid.

Although experts say the withdrawal is wise Haier is a sign of maturity. But I guess, Haier is not willing to return losing so. After all, the road is an international firm to ruin Haier, Haier has only entered the world on the poor 200 million five hundred, Haier has always wanted to be able to walk the road of internationalization better, more solid number, which is trying to conduct international One of the reasons for bidding.

But now this idea has been temporarily grounded. Haier has too many worries and concerns, after all, it is not a private or joint-stock enterprise, it is a state-controlled enterprises. Haier worried about price, the complexity of integrating the two companies, and U.S. political opposition. As the bidding war for Maytag, Whirlpool added, prices rising, this is one of the reasons Haier withdrawal. When the purchase price than expected, the Haier certainly prudent to treat the.

Haier on the acquisition of great concern in U.S. political circles disturbed. The concern is that Chinese companies to acquire a landmark prospects for U.S. companies might arise. Haier also plans to implement aspects of the business concerned. The business plan ready to keep the United States and Thailand in the U.S. sales and distribution team, while the low-cost manufacturing shifted to China. However, the idea was well-organized trade union opposition to Mattel employees.

Gluing together the various factors, Haier's bid to create pressure and more and more, ultimately forcing Haier chose to give up. Although the bid for Haier to give up, but we also see the gradual maturation of Haier, the inappropriate timing of the next, rather than rush to make a choice, not as quietly observe, carefully screened, after all, the road of internationalization is not in this time . Haier's prudence is a kind of confidence in the future, a greater opportunity for accumulation.

Economic model of globalization has become a trend in the internationalization of Chinese enterprises has been extended on out here, either TCL or Lenovo have started to explore and try this. Their success and problems encountered are in fact many newcomers warning, strange path to success, but the best for them is the most successful.

As netizens said: Haier is undoubtedly a very good business. However, this kind of problem can not but seriously, Haier also need to hone. After all, he and Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, General Motors, Siemens and other companies in the world compared with a prevalence in the industry is still a "child." He continues to grow, he has to temper. Haier will choose to believe the road for the acquisition of international action series, only to find more suitable opportunities. In this way, Haier is just not possible to taste. Do not believe that we will wait and see.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zhou Chengyu Court hematemesis: die in the end to fight a lawsuit

Zhou Chengyu suddenly Koupen blood, lawyers quickly help him to sit down.

Huang Ching-handed v. sued the ASUS one time man told Zhou Chengyu fraud

Zhou Chengyu court hematemesis

Yesterday, Huang Jing Zhou Chengyu agents and lawyers filed suit against Chaoyang Fu Zhanping to claim 1 million lawsuit ASUS applications, Zhou Chengyu suddenly vomit blood, the court then open a green channel expedited. At the same time, a man with Zhou Chengyu charges of fraud reported to the Public Security Bureau Chaoyang. Continuous coincidence, the case for more complicated and confusing, although he v. Asustek.

鈼?Location: Chaoyang Court

鈼?Time: 2 pm yesterday

Zhou Chengyu hematemesis court to open green channels

Huang Jing's agent and attorney Fuzhan Ping Zhou Chengyu, Chaoyang Court came together to discuss the court to submit to the ASUS reputation of filing claims 1 million applications in Arranging to take the plane number, Zhou Chengyu and lawyers into the receiving hall, waiting. While many people were waiting for the time, just working with the lawyers to talk to Zhou Chengyu suddenly Koupen blood, so that people inside the hall astonishment. A reporter gave Zhou Chengyu paper towels, wipe his mouth of blood, in the lawyer's leading scorer, Zhou Chengyu sit down, several conditions have emerged vomiting. Although he has said nothing and refused to call an ambulance, but pale, holding a tissue residence not shake hands.

Chaoyang Court staff hold first aid kit immediately came and asked Zhou Chengyu's condition, a little quiet Zhou Chengyu, said they have symptoms of pulmonary aortic valve closure, they will not need treatment. Court staff open a green channel after 5 minutes in advance to accept the window for lawyers to submit applications. During the counsel, could not help shake the hand of Zhou Chengyu, looking very uncomfortable, when reporters asked about his condition, Zhou Chengyu begged him not to report the incidence, the "please everyone's attention the case itself, I should die in the end to fight a lawsuit." Does not to 20 minutes, sunrise, although he courts the litigation request Zhou Chengyu a television interview before he left.

鈼?Location: Chaoyang Public Security Bureau

鈼?Time: 3 pm yesterday

Report Zhou Chengyu, a man entrusted with fraud

On the admissibility in court proceedings, although he requested the same time, less than 3 km away in the Public Security Bureau Chaoyang placed on file the hall, a young man surnamed Zhang was also reported to the police authorities to submit a material fraud against Zhou Chengyu. According to Mr. Zhang introduced, he was Zhou Chengyu the company's employees witnessed Zhou Chengyu notebook components by way of exchange fraud, "then when I shop in Zhongguancun, also he fooled the same way." In the media since the Zhou Chengyu Since the appearance, Mr. Zhang concerned with the matter, which he found on the Internet there are many complaints have been Zhou Chengyu fool, he immediately contacts with the parties and the party authorized to receive 5 report. "I think you can not let ASUS wronged, let Zhou Chengyu lie was."

Two weeks ago, Zhou Chengyu Huang Ching-agent ASUS consumption in the Haidian court accepted the day of fraud, prosecute Zhou Chengyu Wang Jinhai owed creditors also were entertained. Yesterday, it appeared almost similar to the scene. Zhang, accompanied with a report in addition to a lawyer, another a man was doing in television program on the spot when the fraud of Mr Zeman rejected Zhou Chengyu. Mr Zeman said that because of Huang Jing Wang Jinhai, and Zhang and his case and get to know, just wanted to Zhou Chengyu discussion to their own loss.

Zhou Chengyu: incriminate himself, although he was guilty

In the complaint submitted to the court in Chaoyang, Zhou Chengyu does not hold itself as a plaintiff, but also did not appear as an agent. "Zhou Chengyu is a bad guy." Zhou Chengyu said it so many people look at him, and alleged that he orchestrated the whole affair, although he manipulated. Zhou Chengyu, said the accusations against him because of the outside world, although he also implicated by a lot of abuse, he is guilty. Zhou Chengyu, although he charged that, in the same time, another report said he was the victim of fraud, the depressed and said that: "Maybe one day I am not an agent of Huang Jing, but I will insist in the end."

Asustek Computer's call the Joint Information Hua Jie (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Haidian Branch, front reception of media personnel that a business trip, can not be undone.


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Citrix Appoints CAO Heng Kang as vice president and general manager of Greater China

Director of business operations and to promote the Citrix in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan's development

March 10, 2008, Beijing, China - the world's leading application delivery infrastructure solutions provider Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS) today announced the appointment of Heng Cao Hong (Victor Tsao) to Citrix Company vice president and general manager of Greater China in charge of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Greater China operations. After taking office, Cao Hong will be responsible for leading Citrix value for the company team, the depth increase Citrix market awareness, increase revenues, expand market share and customer service.

Citrix Systems in the Asia Pacific vice president, Dennis Rose, under the direct leadership, CAO Heng Kang will work to promote the Citrix market share in Greater China are growing. Dennis Rose, said: "Cao Heng Kang has operations in Greater China, responsible for IT, management, nearly two decades of experience. 瀵逛簬 Citrix company, the Greater China market in the Asia Pacific and global markets for high growth, we are investing heavily in the greater China market, to promote the company's operations in this region and the development and enhancement of the overall change. Cao Heng Kang would be very suited to lead the company to join the region's business transformation and operations. "

For the newly appointed CAO Heng Kang said: "Citrix's development is in an exciting new stage, I am proud to be a member of Citrix leadership team. I look forward to contribute for the development of Citrix, and further strengthen its technology and market leadership position. "

Cao Heng Kang in IBM, Dell, i2 and other leading technology companies such as top executives and general manager positions, in the report into Citrix company, he served American Power Conversion (APC) as General Manager of Greater China. As an experienced IT industry professionals, Cao Heng Kang second decade career, has created numerous brilliant performance. He was the IT industry at all levels have in-depth insights, professional background ranging from hardware, software and consulting services to the channel management and other fields.

Cao Heng Kang has been working in China, living for 11 years, graduated from Chinese Culture University (Taiwan) in chemical engineering.


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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